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Netflix Scam Warning to the Australian users

Netflix Scam Warning to the Australian users


As we all aware about Netlflix.Netflix is basically American based media service which provide live streaming to different tv shows,Music,and movies.This was founded in 1997 by  Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in California. Netflix is most popular App now days.Till June 2019 data there were almost 150 million paid users of netflix from all world and almost 50 million users were only from united state of america.Not only this there were 150 million users of Netflix were only trial version users which were other then paid users.Netflix is availble for use in all world except china,syria and North korea.


Netflix Scam Warning to the Australian users

Netflix customers are being attacked by nationwide email scams that force people to abandon their personal information.Phishing scams work by warning avid Netflix users that their worst nightmare has come true: their account has been “temporarily suspended”.Fortunately for them, they can “verify” their details by surrendering personal information to restore their favorite streaming service.

The email is allegedly from Netflix-spelled “NETFLlX”, using a lowercase L instead of I, and the subject line is “We have temporarily suspended your account until you verify the details.

In the body of the email, customers were notified that their account had been “suspended” due to “problems in the automatic verification process” and warned that if they did not update their details, their account would be deleted.

After customers click the “Update Your Details” button, they will be redirected to a site that looks like a real Netflix login page where they can “sign in” and then enter their full credit card details.and all details were hacked in this way.Issue was reported on JAF Works in complete details.



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