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You seem to have an iOS device and are trying to determine if ShowBox can be installed on your device. Before starting the tutorial, let me tell you that the official version of the showbox application will run on android. However, using the workaround provided on this page below, you can even install the Showbox app on iOS.

ShowBox is available for android, but since it is a useful application, people who use Apple devices like you also want the ShowBox application to be installed on their device.

You can continue reading the following tutorials to learn how to install showbox iOS or iPhone / iPad.

The official version of Showbox iOS download is not available for iPhone and iPad. But during the research, we saw a lot of techniques on how to download Showbox on iOS devices, but since Showbox’s official app is not available for iOS devices, these are fake and misleading methods. MovieBox is the best alternative to Showbox. Showbox can be installed on any ios device without jailbreaking.


Download and install Showbox on iOS

This is the second way to download and install the showbox app on your iOS device. This is the best alternative to the methods listed above in this article. If the above method does not work for you, you can use this method to download and use showbox on your iOS device.

This way, you don’t need to use any third-party tools on your device to get how to download, install and use the showbox app on your iOS device.

First, you must open the Safari browser on your iOS device, and then download the iPS file for showbox.

After downloading, you have to click on it and open the iPA file of the showbox.

Now click the install button to install it directly on your iOS device.

It takes some time to install the application on your iOS device and you have to wait for it.

After successfully installing showbox, you will get your favorite movie reviews and trailers on your iOS device.

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